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The SC3822 is the smallest MIMO enabled radio specifically designed for mesh networking in harsh environments. It measures a mere 4.5" x 3.5" x 1.0" in size and delivers connectivity where traditional single antenna radios fail. This radio utilizes the advanced MN-MIMO waveform to enable true self-adaptive ad-hoc mesh networking without any user involvement. The SC3822 automatically self-adapts to deliver data rates as high as 80Mbps UDP across a single link and is fully interoperable with other radios in the StreamCaster family.

The SC3822 boasts a unique band flexible RF section providing dual band capability across a wide range of frequencies, in a highly compact design. A lower band is provided within the range 400 MHz to 2.7 GHz, and an upper band falls between 4 and 6 GHz. Refer to the specifications section for a complete list of supported bands.

  • True 2x2 MIMO diversity
    • Spatial Multiplexing for enhanced throughput
    • Space Time Coding for enhanced robustness
    • RX Eigen Beamforming for enhanced range and reception
  • Data Rates up to 85Mbps UDP / 70Mbps TCP
  • Dynamic Link adaptation to optimize throughput depending on channel conditions
  • Single frequency transmit and Receive (TDD)
  • Self-healing, self-forming flexible mesh network
  • Each radio supports 2 user-defined frequency bands
    • Low bands available from 400MHz - 2.7GHz
    • High bands available from 4 - 6GHz
  • 5MHz, 10MHz and 20MHz Bandwidth Modes
  • Ultra-low Latency (<10mS per hop)
  • Up to 500mW Transmit Power
  • Ethernet (x2), USB, and RS232 data interfaces
  • Ruggedized IP67-rated Construction
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